Hard eight

As per Mom’s wishes, this afternoon was spent at the Borgata. Again. (The gambling gene runs straight up my Mom’s branch of the family tree…we are unrepentant.) I had a twenty dollar bill to play with. I was going to do slots and nothing else, then meet MomnJohn for a dinner in a half hour.

I meandered by the craps tables and to my surprise found two with a $10 minimum bet. Usually I see tables at $25 and up…way out of my price range. Immediately I scampered to the ATM and took out $100.

My stomach shook. I’ve been watching Thor play for years. The past few times we’ve gone to Atlantic City I played a few chips next to him. The action is fast and the patrons and dealers are quick to chastise you when you make a mistake. Some of the bets are difficult to remember. I relied on Thor to make sure I was doing things correctly.

Today I was solo. I found a space at the table (the only Lady there who was actually playing) and got $100 in chips. Forty-five minutes later (late for dinner!) I walked away with $212 in chips. On only one shooter (person who has the dice…shooter status rotates around the table…once someone rolls a 7 after the point*, their turn is over). That guy was magic…he hit all my right numbers. I am in love with craps.

*Kim’s rules of craps in a nutshell: The easiest number to roll with a pair of dice is a 7. That said, in right betting craps, you’re betting on a number to be rolled BEFORE a seven is rolled. On the first roll (the come out roll) I put down my bet and I’m wanting a 7 or 11 to be rolled. Then I’m paid one to one. If a 2,3, or 12 is rolled, I lose my initial bet (those numbers are called craps. As in “Crap! I lost the rent money!”). Any other number that’s rolled becomes the “point.” Say it’s a six. Now I place another bet down behind my initial bet…betting that a six will be rolled before a seven is rolled again. If the six is rolled, I’m paid evenly on the bet in the front and 6 to 5 on the bet behind (varies depending on the point…sixes are more common than fours…so they pay lower). I can also place bets on the numbers other than the point. There are also a huge number of OTHER bets…but I don’t bother with them much.

Thor was quite proud/frightened of his new craps-playing wife. Tomorrow the money goes back into the bank and I’ll have to satisfy myself with free online craps until I get back to AC.

Still sniffly. Nyquil time!

(Google no longer indexing my pages…must find out why)

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