Thor-less, Day 3

May 7, 2005

(whew…cleaning up after parties is hard work!)

My dear Thor,

Tihs time tomorrow you’ll be just about home. Things are good. The house hasn’t been taken over by carnies, the cupboard actually has some food in it, and the dog may have parasites.

(By the way…for all of you starting the “” campaign…the pic of the thermostat was Photoshopped. I like it hot, but 85 degrees inside’s a bit much. And I didn’t turn on every light. I forgot the one in the oven.)

A little girl a few doors down now has a go-cart. Seriously. It’s cute, but her folks let her ride it around the block. In the middle of the street. Someday the girl’s going to meet a Hummer backing out of a driveway or turning the corner. And the little orange flag sticking up won’t even be seen.

Go-carts. Seriously, people…whatever happened to Big Wheels?

My brother (the one who said my blog was boring 😉 ) wants to ‘hang’ with me tomorrow night. At an actual BAR! Holy crap.What does one wear to this place called “BAR?” Am I really going to have to wear lipstick on the weekend? Horrors!

Anyway, I miss you dear. Can’t wait to have you back in our less-than-perfect household.

Love, hugs, and Nyquil (sniff),

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