Open Letter to Thor, day 2

May 5, 2005

My dear God of Lightning…

The house still stands. The wife is well fed. However, I seem to be catching another cold. (I’m sicker than the geriatric population these days)

I’ve put aside the juvenile Queen of the House dressup gear and am now marvelling at the fact that I have every single light on in this house. (Seventeen, in case you didn’t know.) Oh, and I’ve finally discovered my ideal room temperature:


Anyhoo, tomorrow’s the kick-off phone call for the Big Summer Project at work. I’m not sure how I’ll project manage this one. I don’t think the super cool label maker will help either. Oh, it’ll get done. Just not easily. I’ll have to bring my riding crop to work tomorrow to get everyone on task.

I hope your trip to see your folks (have you mentioned to them yet that it was my idea?) is going well. Don’t forget to pick me up a cheesy Mississippi souvenir to go next to my cheesy souvenir bale of cotton.

Love, hugs and Nyquil,

edited to add: Make that 19 lights…forgot the basement! Ta!

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