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March 8, 2005

So I can’t really dish about work, because God forbid someone find out, get me fired, and I become famous and quoted in newspaper and television reports for years after the fact, while making money from Google ads and having legions of fans at my bidding. (See Dooce.)

But I will go on a limb and tell you that based on the condition of the ladies room…some of the women I work with deserve to do their business only in holes in the ground.

Ladies! When you use the hokey paper toilet seat covers…make sure they go away when you flush! I’m so much more skeeved by the tattered remains of soaked paper than the idea of sitting on an uncovered seat.

Onto brighter things…

Tomorrow I leave work at 3 to attend the Philadelphia Flower Show with Mom. Yes…I stayed 2 hours late tonight to justify the time, thankyouverymuch! I need some spring. Yesterday it was almost 70 degrees. Today it was in the 20s and snowing.

And to the healthy eating plan:

Breakfast: Skipped. Yes, that’s bad, but I had to deal with the opening of the Seventh Seal until noon.
Lunch: Frozen Lean Cuisine Chicken Mediterranean pasta (240 cal), Sugar Free Jello (lime, 10 cal), 2 prunes (20 cal)
Drive Home Snack: 1 pkg Teddy Grahams Cinnamon Stick things. (yum!, 120 cal)
Dinner: 1 cup pasta (200 cal), 1 cup canned tomatoes (100 cal, can’t wait until tomatoes are in season again), 1 cup shrimp (60 cal), 1 slice provolone cheese (100 cal, have no idea why I crave that stuff)
Dessert: 1 light peanut butter ice cream sandwich (140 cal, yum!)

That puts me at 990 for the day, which is not a good thing. Going over 1200 isn’t good…but being that low isn’t good either. Because it’ll lead to storing calories. (And if one wants to wear this come summer one must be svelte, no?) But I’m truly not hungry today, which means the world, indeed, is coming to an end.

I’ll go drown myself in Disney music.

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