Uneventful Saturday

February 12, 2005

Brunch: Mickey waffle (app. 230 calories – no syrup-that was depressing) , 1 teeny tiny sausage patty, (120 cal, not worth it); 1 slice of wheat toast (11o cal, no butter), water.
Afternoon snack: 1 serving sugar free Strawberry jello (10 cal, very small)
Dinner: Ate at Passariello’s in Voorhees. Blech. Had chicken cacciatore, with a side of greenbeans and carrots and a very soft, pillowy roll. Diet coke.
I’ll probably suck down another sugar free jello cup to end the day on something sweet. I’m resisting the call of Captain Morgan.

Because if one wants to wear one of these come summer, one must be svelte.

I didn’t enjoy Passariello’s. When you go in, you tell the hostess how many in your party, and she gives each of you a magnetic striped card called a “Passport.” There are 3 stations, one for salads/desserts, one for entrees, and one for pizza. You go up, ask for what you want, and they swipe your card. The entrees were already cooked, and the employee scooped it onto a plate and threw it into an appliance called a sonic steamer to heat it up. There was a soda station in the middle of the seating area. Once you’re done eating, you hand your “Passports” to the cashier and they ring you up. For the $22 and change it cost…we could have crossed the street to the Olive Garden and actually had waiter service.

I give the restaurant 4 months before it goes out of business. The building was previously a Perkins and a Goodfellas.

Added 3/20/17: Boy was I wrong, Passariello’s is still open. I haven’t gone back.

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  • Ted Barber July 11, 2005 at 2:45 pm

    You’re write about one thing, wasting bandwidth since 1994. Passariello’s is a fantasic restaurant. Leading the industry in tecnology and fine food at a good value. Much better then the frozen food at the Olive Garden. As for your predictions, the restaurant just completed its 5th month in business.

    It is unfortunate to have ignorance while disgusing yourself as a critic. I do agree with one thing….go on a diet.

  • Kimberly July 12, 2005 at 12:16 am

    Disclaimer: While I am NOT a critic (never claimed to be), Mr. Barber IS a paid consultant for Passariello’s restaurant. Biased, much? 🙂

    The reason I suggested the restaurant wouldn’t last long was because of the failures of the two other restaurants that were on that same location. I’ve been wrong many times before.

    Nice swipe at my weight…I wonder if those who hire you know you troll blogs and make snide comments toward the authors when you disagree with them? I’m guessing you probably bill them for it, too.

    PS: It’s “RIGHT” and “TECHNOLOGY.” I can misspell things in my blog. You are a professional and shouldn’t — it looks bad on your client.

  • Ted Barber July 22, 2005 at 10:30 am

    You’re right, my spelling was less then perfect. I guess due to my reaction to your comments regarding Passariello’s. Yes I was a consultant hired by the family to design and advise them through their development.

    The reason my comments were so direct, was due to side line want to be critics that usually have no business experience in the industry they are critiquing (not sure if this is spelled correctly) nonetheless, I have concluded my assignment and currently have no financial ties to Passariello’s. But my status as a consultant had no real influence on my response to your unkind words. The guest comment cards are 98% positive. Meals are not thrown into an appliance they are placed, the food is prepared in advance using the latest technology to ensure quality and safety. The payment system is widely used in Europe and will most likely be a normal process here in the states in a few years. Passariello’s invested heavily to perfect the system here.

    By the way, if you spent $22.00 for dinner you had quite a bit of food to consume. I won’t say anything about your weight, but it appears you are very concerned about calories and sugar free foods……for half of what you spent you could have enjoyed a full entre, salad, beverage and dessert. Of course, you could eat at Olive Garden where the food is prepared as well, frozen and then reconstituted, then served….but you’d pay more and possibly receive less then adequate service. So, stick to your knitting and give up trying to be a food critic…….I did not use spell check, I’ll leave that to you 🙂

  • Kimberly July 23, 2005 at 1:57 pm

    Believe it or not, I’m glad you wrote back. Because my comments back to you were less than Ladylike…but I didn’t want to delete them and self-edit myself to look perfect. Because I’m not. You already know that. 🙂

    My $22.00 bill (which included a tip for the person who took our tray and kindly refilled our sodas — were we supposed to leave a tip for him? Who knows?) was for two people…me and a gentleman who tends to eat a more than I do.

    Once again, I’m not a side line critic, nor do I bill myself as such. I’m just saying that I ate at a place (Back in February for goodness sakes) and didn’t find it enjoyable. That’s all. I am no expert…my readers know this about me and some of them still read me nonetheless.

    As an overture toward peace, I will go back to Passariello’s (Now called Passariello’s Pizza instead of Passariello’s Pizza and Italian Eatery) and give them another shot.

    Have a great day!

    PS: I do not knit. I tried once, very unsuccessfully. Instead of making me relaxed, it made me borderline homicidal. After tearing the same row out 5 times, I quit. 🙂

  • dr. dave July 25, 2005 at 10:59 pm

    Wait… so this guy is in restaurant consulting, and one of his services is to Google the name of a client’s establishment, then leave nasty personal insults on the websites of anybody who didn’t like the food??

    Nice business model, chucklehead. Also, you might want to take down the pics on your homepage if you plan on going around flinging insults at nice young ladies like our Hostess here. Being in the restaurant biz, I’m sure you know the saying about the pot and the kettle…?