Open letter

February 2, 2005

Dear DumDum,

You have Pilates on Monday nights, remember? Of course you didn’t. You didn’t remember until Monday at 7:45 (class started at 7:15) when you were all curled up on the sofa with a sleeping dog at your feet. Hey Lady…you PAID for that class!

But to your credit…the site redesign is coming along swimmingly. Just a few more things to put into place.

Don’t give up on the Proactiv. Your cheeks are looking MUCH better…and your chin will clear up in due time. It’s already calmed down enough so that you can do a decent makeup job.

Keep practicing the swing dancing. You’ve made QUITE an improvement there!

Just don’t forget the pilates class next week, OK?

Beets, hominy & sofa,

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