My lil’ infomercial

February 3, 2005

A few people at work asked me about the Proactiv routine…so I thought I’d expound upon it here for the curious.

The basic kit comes with cleanser, toner, and ‘repair lotion.’ That’s what they call the three step system. Because I was depressed and desperate, I purchased the deluxe kit, which also included a refining mask (I’m sitting with that on right now…very kabuki), daily oil control cream and an oil-free moisturizer.

It’s a 60 day supply, and it cost me $59.95 plus $7.95 shipping. Pricey when you look at it in one lump sum, but I paid $100 out of pocket for some Retin-A last year. Which I think was only supposed to be a 30 day supply.

The cleanser has little granules in it to exfoliate. The toner smells bad, and the repair lotion actually makes my skin feel really soft. The oil control is drippy and the moisturizer is very softening but stinky too. It actually all smells badly since sulfur seems to be a common ingredient. But hey, if it’s good enough for

Morning routine: cleaner, toner, oil control, repair lotion, moisturizer
Evening routine: cleanser, toner, repair lotion
3x a week: repair mask between cleanser and toner.

Which is really stiff now…gotta wash it off.

OK. Back.

Even though I took the cheapest shipping option, it arrived in only 6 days, and it came by Priority Mail. Along with it were some brochures, a book called “Face the facts” with acne facts, and a cover letter from Vanessa Williams welcoming me to the Clear Skin Club. (gag.) It’s signed “Vanessa Williams, Mother, Performer, Acne Survivor.”

Acne SURVIVOR? Sheesh. Survivor’s such a strong word. Cancer survivor? That works. Rape survivor? Absolutely. Tsunami survivor? Definately. Acne survivor? More like drama queen. Acne, though sucky, is nothing serious enough to warrant being called a survivor!

(off soapbox) This is my 8th full day. The booklets say that the real results start happening in 3-4 weeks. But right now the texture of my face is entirely different. I have none of the flakiness that I’d normally have in the winter. It’s really, really soft. I still have some pimples, but they’re clearing up really quickly. My face is usually pink due to mild rosacea (acne AND rosacea? yep, I’m by far the prettiest girl on the internet) but I swear the redness is fading.

Thor: it’s looking better.

Anyway, it’s much too soon to say what’ll happen with it. Which is why this entry stops short of an official plug. But someday, someone like me will google Proactiv, and maybe they’ll learn something.

Oh, by the way, I’m the number one Google search result for beets, hominy & sofa! Woohoo!

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