CookieCam, day 1

December 6, 2004

Wt: Didn’t weigh yet..
Breakfast: Dannon Light&Fit Smoothie. Stawberry Banana. 80 calories of yum.
Exercise: This morning I was at the Y by 6:18 am. I did 24 (note one more minute than last week) tiring minutes on the treadmill and about 70 tiring stomach crunches.
My iPod workout playlist: (I replay a few songs, so I’m usually done by the time Naughty Girl comes on)

  • Let’s get it started/Black Eyed Peas
  • Jump (For my love)/Love Actually Soundtrack (2x)
  • Hey Ya!/Outkast (2x)
  • Scandalous/Mysteeq
  • Baby Got Back/Sir Mix-a-lot
  • California Love/Tupac and Dr. Dre. (2x – great stomach crunch song)
  • Naughty Girl/Beyonce
  • Walk this way/Aerosmith
  • I’m still standing/Elton John

ight. 7:00pm EST. Be there! Be where? Be here!
Lunch: Umm..probably a Subway veggie delight.
Dinner: Oh, I have no idea.

I won my eBay auction yesterday (Dept 56 Wong’s in Chinatown), no thanks to tenderfoot4206 who waited until the last minute to try and steal it from me. I hate that. I watched the auction for the last 10 minutes because I knew something like that would happen. My price was $15.99. Within that last minute, she had bid me up to $31.99. Her final bid was the same as mine, but since I entered that max bid a few days ago, my bid had precedence. You have no idea how tempted I was to send her a message saying, “Hey…this was on auction for 7 days…I was high bidder for the last 3. Did you have to try and steal it? There are at least 7 others up for sale.” But I didn’t.

Off to the showers with me. See you tonight for CookieCam! 🙂

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