December 4, 2004

We spent the day constructing and deconstructing. Installation of the baseboards in the guest room is underway. The crown moulding is done. Thank God. And Thor.

I put the finishing touch on the Tiny Town of Turberville today … snow. What fun that was! My town is reknowned through my family because apparently it’s the only Chrismas village EVER without a church. At first it was because the Department 56 Christmas in the City churches were hella expensive compared to the other buildings. So I refused buying a church on principle.

As the years progressed (I bought my first piece the first year we were married) the opportunities for me to purchase a church became more frequent. But by then, I quite liked the little Godless city I built. It has a Toy store (can’t find the link), book store, police station, French restaurant, newspaper building, nightclub, casino, pharmacy and restaurant.

Looking at it a few days ago, I finally realized that it was missing something. Something that every city has.

A Chinese restaurant!

So now I’m on eBay bidding to add Wong’s to the tiny town of Turberville.

The real reason I’m writing this lengthy missive is that I’m delaying going to the gym. I told myself that if I go, I’ll take myself out shopping tonight. (Thor is asnooze…he’s was up since 6pm yesterday)

Ugh. May as well go now. Here. Have a look at this year’s CookieCam design. But only look at that page…the rest are really messed up. Evidently, I’m still trying to get my money’s worth out of that font I spent $30 on a few months back. *shudder*

Yes! Gym! Going! Now!

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