Tales from the treadmill

not meToday while walking/jogging/wheezing at the YMCA, I watched an infomercial on the television for the Total Gym. Having been suckered in by these ads before, I had no interest in the product. Instead, I ogled Christie Brinkley.

When I was a kid and teen, she was the bomb. She was the epitome of what I wanted to look like. I washed my hair with Prell for years in an effort to get her look. I used Cover Girl makeup for years in an effort to get her look. She was the Catherine Zeta-Jones of my youth.

Anyhoo, she’s a spokesmodel for Total Gym, and at almost 50, she looks fantastic. Thankfully, I’ve grown up, and no longer buy things just because Christie Brinkley says so. Besides, with the BowFlex collecting dust in my basement, there would be no room. 😉

At the gym: 23 painful minutes on the treadmill; 5 painful assisted chinups; 60 painful stomach crunches. I hate the gym.
All for naught: Going to dinner tonight at Buca di Beppo for my dear brother John’s birthday.
And in case you missed it…



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