O! The Humanity!

December 2, 2004

I brought my trusty 3-year-old digital camera to Buca Di Beppo last night to document John’s birthday dinner. Which, by the way, was wonderful. Lotsa pasta and bread and … wow. At Christmas, when Doctor Dave is trim and dashing, and I waddle around looking like this guy, remind me of this dinner.

Anyhoo, after dinner Thor and I went to Target to get cat food, since Misty and Charlie had hung me in effigy earlier in the day. My camera was in the cup holder of the Thormobile. I swung my legs to get out of the truck, when the heel of my left boot caught the camera strap. Before I could stop myself, the camera was swung through the air and crashed down on the parking lot surface. There was a crack. I knelt down with a whimper.

The impact had knocked the lenses right out of the camera. They lay on the asphalt, chipped.

And so ends the life of my digital camera. RIGHT in time for the holidays.

Tonight I borrowed Mom’s Kodak EasyShare to get me through. She has a dock for it at home. So to get the pics OFF of the camera, I’m going to have to invest in a lil’ media card. Still cheaper than a new digital camera.

It looks like Father Christmas projectile vomited all over my living room. Tonight, I pour sawdust on top of it. With some Chrismas music and eggnog, I should have my Tiny Town of Turberville up and functional, as well as get the rest of the decor in place.

But first, back to Target to get a Christmas tablecloth, some batteries, some of those plastic things that keep electric candles in one place on the windowsill, and the media card.

I’m starting CookieCam a bit late this year…Monday, December 6. That’ll give me almost 3 full weeks of baking, plus leave me this weekend to help clean up the house some more.

It’s odd…not writing my NaNovel…

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