Greetings from St. Maarten!

October 19, 2004

masses- massagers?? women working had to be in their early 20s. With charming British accents. (Seriously, there are very few Americans working on this ship.) They rubbed oils into our shoulders, upper chests (you guys are sick), backs and legs.

Thor: One girl did my butt — was that wrong? (smirk)

I only have a few moments to blog — we’re going on an excursion today. It’s a combined bus/boat tour of the island. After which we’ll shop a bit. We tried to dress un-touristy, but the huge Mickey Mouse backpack that I’m carrying probably blows that images.

We also took care of an entire bottle of champagne last night. Which resulted in an entire night of dreams for me centered about “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.” Alcohol = poison. Wonder what kind of drinks there are on St. Maarten? 😉

Thanks for reading along…more later! 🙂

Note for JohnnyBlack: You would definitely be able to do this cruise. Without a doubt.

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