Stump your Captain!

October 18, 2004

(our position: 20.7N 67.5W)

Yesterday afternoon, Thor and I attended a mini-documentary on the makeover of the Disney Magic which occurred the last time it went into dry dock. It was about 30 minutes long, and very fascinating. They noted that a lot of the teak decking was replaced.

Due to South Jersey’s Best Newspaper’s almost MANIC obsession with the Battleship New Jersey, I knew that teak decking was used there as well. But why? Why teak?

Who would know better but Captain Stubing?

Luckily, Thor, I, and about a thousand other people were invited to meet the Captain at his cocktail reception. We lined up to have our picture taken in front of the Mickey Statue in the main atrium. Then we lined up to meet/be photographed with the captain.

Captain Stubing is German, like Col. Klink. Sounds like him too. After the pic was snapped, I turn to the Captain and say in earnest, “Captain, we watched the documentary on the makeover. I’ve heard of other ships having teak decking as well. Why teak?”

Stubing looks at me, smiles at my intelligent, deep question, eyes the front of my gown and responds…

“Teak is nice.”

Thanks, Captain. (rolls eyes)

Other quick points:

  • We had breakfast with Mickey and friends this morning.
  • I still suck at bingo. See, there is no gambling on Disney cruises, so bingo is the closest I get.
  • I took a yoga class this morning. Yoga + Moving ship = Stumbling
  • This afternoon Thor and I are scheduled for a couple’s massage. Mind out of the gutter, please…this is Disney.
  • Tonight we dine at Palo, the adult-only restaurant.
  • Someone out there named their daughter “Campbell.” As in soup. Or Glen.

Stay tuned for more seablogging!

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