USAirways is the suck, continued

October 17, 2004

I didn’t win at Bingo. But I did try the drink of the day, a Yellow Bird, which consisted of rum, creme de banana, Galliano, orange juice and pineapple juice. Yup…just juices. Because it’d be really bad to drink at 10:30 am, right? *grin*

The USAirways rep in Charlotte (who had an attitude to begin with) assured us that our bags would be switched to the correct Orlando flight, which was to land at 12:15pm. Which was good, since the last shuttle to Port Canaveral was to leave at 1:30pm.

I bought some “Secret” deodorant in Charlotte, since we didn’t have any quality time with our bags since the day before. It slightly helped, and Thor didn’t even mind being “Powder Fresh.” We fretted during the layover. I slammed Starbucks Pumpkin Spice lattes in order to remain awake.

Our Charlotte -> Orlando flight left in decent time, meaning only 20 minutes late. We worried the entire flight down. If we missed the last shuttle, we’d hire a Mears car/van to take us to the port. If we missed the boat altogether, we had enough cash with us to go to Walt Disney World for a spell. If our bags didn’t show, well, we’d get a lot of use out of our long sleeved shirts and jeans. Plus buy some Disney duds.

The plane landed at 12:25ish. We scooted to Baggage claim B. Thor had the great idea of sending me to find the Disney Cruise Reps to tell them we were here. I ran, yes RAN to Baggage Claim A and found the fruitily-dressed DCL members with ease.

I babbled out my story. Our bags didn’t have the appropriate DCL tags, since we were supposed to have done that the night before the cruise. And if you recall, we didn’t have our bags then.

“Don’t worry,” the middle-aged Cast Member (CM) said. “You’re here with us now, and we’ll get your bags. Welcome to your vacation!”

My God, I could have cried. This, people, is why I love vacationing with Disney.

“Just don’t touch the bags,” another CM added. “We can get them for you, but only if you don’t touch them first. Airport Security rules. If you touch them, you have to wait for them and bring them to the buses yourselves.”

Bags. Thor. Baggage Claim B. Bags. Aieeeee!

I ran back to Baggage Claim B, and when Thor saw me barreling toward him yelling, “Don’t touch the bags!!!” I wouldn’t have blamed him if he denied knowing me. But he didn’t, so I took him by the hand, and the DCL CM took us to our awaiting bus. We boarded at 1:10 pm.

The Disney Magic is a beautiful ship, and the fact that we had such a crappy trip down made it even more beautiful.

And our bags made it aboard as well.

Quick trip points…

  • We’re not seasick at all. Yes, there is a slight motion, but we’ve ridden the Amtrak Autotrain twice, which is 20 times worse.
  • It’s very odd to eat and walk out of the restaurant w/o paying. Meals and soft drinks are included in the cruise, which is why…
  • …there is booze everywhere! My stars. People are tippling at breakfast!
  • The weather is warm, but the wind is wicked when you’re on deck toward the front of the boat. So…
  • …that “I’m flying!” scene from Titanic? Never could have happened. Neither of them could have been able to keep their eyes open from the wind.
  • I’m in the adult-only coffee shop, which has internet stations. Smells heavenly, and is playing Sinatra, which is so my thing.

Tonight is formal night. We get to meet Captain Stubing at 7:45 at a cocktail reception on the Lido deck.**

More seablogging tomorrow! 🙂

**Replace “Stubing” with “Tom” and “Lido Deck” with “Deck 4.”

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