Ahoy from the Ocean!

October 17, 2004

To review, we got really screwed on Friday night’s flight. We were rescheduled for a 6am flight to Charlotte, connecting to an 8am flight, arriving in Orlando at 9:29am. Our bags were scheduled for the first direct flight to Orlando from Philly, arriving at 9:19am.

After 3 hours sleep at the Hampton Inn ($33 per hour) we put Friday’s clothing BACK on and hauled to the airport. While waiting in line, we saw a few of our (irate beyond all reason) fellow passengers — WITH THEIR BAGS. Apparently, they DID get the bags off of the flight. Must have been the fuming man who called the police that did the trick. Anyhoo, we were thankful to have found that out, because I don’t know if our bags would have met us in Florida. Checked our bags to the Philly->Charlotte->Orlando flight.

The 6am Charlotte filght left 45 minutes late. (HATE UsAirways. HATE.) Guess what?

We missed our connection to Orlando. We recheduled for the 10:45am Orlando flight, killed 3+ hours in the Charlotte Airport. Tried to sleep on rockers, but failed.

FINALLY, we got on the plane and…

Wait. Bingo time. Later! 🙂

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