Greetings from St. Thomas!

October 20, 2004

Another day, another island. This one is US “owned,” so we had to rise at 6:45 this morning to present ourselves (and more importantly, our IDs) to US Border Patrol. You have to do this when you go from a foreign port (St. Maarten/Martin) to an American one.

St. Martin was gorgeous in some places, skanky in others, and if you’re into mass quantities of liquor, tobacco, and jewelry, it’s your home away from home. I never knew how much tax we pay on these items in the US until I saw them here.

We took a boat/bus tour and then ventured on our own in Phillipsburg, the Dutch capital, which was in sight of the ship. France owns a large part of the island. The Dutch own the smaller part.

Thor and I have a great “rip us off” look to us, so it’s no suprise that as soon as we disembarked the water taxi in Phillipsburg, we were greeted by a Miss Cleo type.

Miss Cleo: Hell-o! I’d like to give you a flyer to visit our new jew-el-ry chop. You here for the first time?
Us, aka Lambs being led to Slaughter: Yes! (big Disney smiles)
Miss Cleo: Fab-ul-ous den. We have a special scratch off for our new visitors. (She pulls out a stack of cards. Takes one from the bottom and hands it to me. Sneakly pulls one from the top and gives to Thor.) Eeef you match 3, you win a prize! Let me geeve you de coins.
We scratch. I lose. And shock of shocks, Thor wins!!
MC: You won! Dis is your lucky day! You win one of the prizes on the back! All I have to do is take you over there to qualify you.
Jiminy Cricket appears in a poof of pixie dust, and points out the words “attend the presentation” on the card to me.
Me:No…I’m sorry…we don’t have much time in this port today. But thank you.
MC: (defeated) Ok den. Braid your hair?
Me: No, thanks. Have a good day.
MC: You too.

Quick points:

  • Last night was the “Pirates on the Caribbean Party.” We had to wear jaunty, fruity red headscarves at dinner. It was fun!
  • Bingo is the tool of the devil
  • Today we have a kayaking excursion. Yes, your favorite Internet couch potato gaming couple is going kayaking. Pray for us.
  • Riddle from our waiter…Name 12 Disney animated movies with one-word titles.

More seablogging later…thanks for reading along! 🙂

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