Equal opportunity ignoramus

October 5, 2004

Equal opportunity ignoramus

Moderator (African-American woman, because diversity’s a Good Thing): Vice President Cheney…blahblahblah Mullah Prince Ali a-babwa Iraq WMD blah blah?
Cheney: I’d like to thank you for moderating and blahblahyap for hosting….
Me: (walks out)

Actually, I’m in and out during the debate. Kudos to John Edwards, though, for keeping his dulcet Southern accent. It even sounds like he’s playing it up at times. Al Gore lost his while he was Veep, So when he spoke at the Dem Convention and sounded like Boss Hogg, I nearly fell out of my seat!

(FWIW, Thor has worked hard to lose his accent. I miss it, and I blame every Northerner who assumes that Southern accented folks are dumb.)

Is everyone taking a drink when “Halliburton” is mentioned? Hope not, it’s a weeknight.

I haven’t had much incentive to write here. I’m working the 5:30 – 2:00 schedule (my old schedule!) this week for training purposes, and I’m beat. So my current state in a nutshell:

  • Excited about vacation in 10 days
  • Planning Halloween Party for 10/30…my first party ever!
  • Tired

    A huge thanks and good luck to Evan. He was the CEO of Blogger, the tool which made it easier for thousands (including me) to have a voice online. He’s leaving Blogger (now a part of Google) to take a break and live life. Well met, Ev.

    Hello, Marietta, Georgia! 😉

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