Still here

October 12, 2004

Still here

I haven’t abandoned you, blog’o’mine. I’ve been having troubles with Blogger lately — primarily getting to the “Create a Post” screen — so I’m testing an installation of WordPress directly on my server. So far, it seems a lot easier to set up than Movable Type. And as this site is my hobby, not my life, I’m pleased with low maintenance.

We leave for Florida on Friday night for our cruise departing Saturday. I’m excited beyond reason. This’ll be the first time Thor and I will be away together since last October’s trip. I’m still debating whether or not to blog from the cruise. A week away from PCs may do me a world of good.

Then again, I’m a hopeless addict!

My Legend Killers (3-2) are 3rd out of 8 in our fantasy football league. Some girl was smart enough to acquire Tim Rattay this week. Now the hard part — I have to start rooting against my brother and ride out Jamal Lewis’ suspension. >:)

Party City wanted close to $5.00 for 8 Halloween invitations. See, I can afford that. But even though I’m doing OK financially, I still have a lot of cheapness frugality left in me. So I cranked up Photoshop, found some clip art and text online, and designed my own.

  • Thirty copies (on orange paper) at Kinko’s: $2.68
  • Package of 25 card-sized envelopes from Kinko’s: $4.19
  • Striking a blow to the heart of “Big Halloween”: Priceless.

I’ll change up the pictures on the sidebar soon. Maybe tomorrow before yoga.

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