Undecided != uninformed

October 1, 2004

Undecided != uninformed

Home early, as the vile goddess Menstrua has sent one of her minions down to hop on my abdominal area with a pogo stick. So it’s me, my sofa, 5 pillows, a throw, a heating pad, and my laptop. I’m a lucky girl.

I’ll be making a public appearance tomorrow at the 9th Annual Courier-Post South Jersey’s Biggest Yard Sale. I have to be in Camden ready to go by 5:00am. Yes, 5:00am on a Saturday. I’ll be holding a flashlight and a flag, and wearing a bright yellow Courier-Post EVENT STAFF shirt.

Oh, you SO want to be me, don’t you?

I read the debate transcript, and watched parts of the video. I think in the stage show that was billed as a debate, Kerry really had the offensive, and was calling Bush on the carpet on a few issues. Yet, Bush still makes sense to me. But the Leftites are crowing victory, and the Righties are saying that winning a debate doesn’t matter, so looks like the public “W” goes to Kerry.

There is so much hostility out there, politics-wise. Today at work, somebody was purposefully (and humorously, if you are of the right mindset) baiting those who were anything but a 100% Kerry supporter. I would have been amused by it, if I wasn’t smacked with that same attitude (without the humor) on most of the sites I know and love.

“You haven’t been 100% in the Kerry camp since day 1? (intelligent sniff) Idiot.”
“You think Bush had some valid points? You must be ignorant. Clearly the man is the worst president ever…he uses the 3rd pronounciation of nuclear and he believes in God!”

I used to love BoingBoing, self-billed as a “Directory of Wonderful Things.” Now, the ‘if you ain’t a Democrat you’re an idiot’ attitude of some of the contributors has driven me away.

The “!=” in the title means “is not equal to” in the programming language PERL. Meaning, the fact that I haven’t yet chosen which candidate to give my vote to doesn’t mean that I know nothing about the issues. I’d rather have a country of voters who decide late than voters who decide early. At least we’re still thinking and open-minded.

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