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Captain Jack Swallow

September 24, 2004

Sunday I scribed my hilarity at having a blonde pigtailled shepherdess on Survior. This week, the tribe spoke and Dolly (I kid you not) was on her way home.

Let’s see if I can press my luck.

Boy! That Scout is worthless! She must be servicing the girls off-camera for them to keep her on their tribe. She TOTALLY cost them immunity on Thursday’s show.

Enough of that.

Thor and I had lunch today at Villa Barone in Collingswood. We excitedly talked up our upcoming Disney Cruise.

Thor: If we do get to sit at the Captain’s table, try not to ask him to go “Yarrr!!” like a pirate.
Me: Like Captain Jack Swallow!
Thor: ???
Me: Captain Jack Swallow. You know…Johnny Depp’s pirate? From Pirates —
Thor: It’s Jack Sparrow. Not swallow.
Me: Jack Swallow. Geez. That could be a whole different kind of movie, huh?
Thor: (cracking up)
Me: Privates of the Caribbean?

We received our cruise info/tickets yesterday. Three weeks from RIGHT NOW…we’ll be on our way to the airport!

But tonight, it’s 8:15. Thor is sleeping. (No, he’s not lazy…he works nights, gets off at 7, sleeps all day, etc) Nobody’s in my online game. I’m one step away from getting my pajamas on. Oy. That just will not do.

I’ll swing by Mom’s and go to Starbucks. That’ll at least keep me up until 10.

I think I need a kid.

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