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Political post fallout

July 13, 2004

where are my posies?Heh. Write some political stuff and everyone comes to play! 😉 In short, yes, I’ll vote for Kerry, but I still wish he’d stop harping on the tax cut when it’s obvious that not just the uber-wealthy benefited. End of topic for now.

Let’s get back to the light and fluffy. But I can’t talk much about work anymore…someone at work (I’m not sure who) reads my site and reports to a higher-higher-up when I talk about my job. So if I was doing really well and making some goals, I couldn’t say so here. (smirk)

This weekend Mom and I went to the Haddonfield craft show. I bought this lovely May basket, which was woven right at the festival! It’s hanging on the inside of my front door now. Without flowers. Nobody loves me! (sniff)

selt-n-pepa's here!I also bought these snazzy salt and pepper shakers. Dishwasher safe, and a reminder of the show that I can use on a daily basis. Well, as often as I cook anyway. Which is certainly not daily.

A week from RIGHT NOW I’ll be at the Dave Matthews Band show with my brother. Psyched does not even begin to describe me. I’m very tempted to try and go there Wednesday night as well…maybe I can buy a ticket from a scalper outside.

More tomorrow. I’ll be blogging on a daily basis again now. Be sure to check out the update section at the top left! 🙂

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