Warning: Political Rant

July 9, 2004

I’ve been searching John Kerry’s website trying desperately to find a way to suspend my dislike of him for 30 seconds in November. He’s making it so hard.

Example: Thor and I got a tax break thanks to GWB. Perhaps the only good thing for us that’s come out of his reign. Kerry’s site (which I presume speaks for Kerry) calls this a tax cut for the wealthy.

Let me get this straight…multi-millionaire Kerry and multi-millionaire Edwards are calling Thor and I “the wealthiest Americans?”

He mentions it on his education page. Apparently, the money that Thor and I got back should have been used to help other people’s kids pay for college. Who paid for our college?

On the healthcare page, he calls us the “wealthiest among us“. Apparently, Thor and I are supposed to pay for other peoples’ health care. And our own as well.

We’re also called wealthy on Kerry’s Americans with Disabilities page. Apparently, Thor and I are supposed to be funding the Department of Transportation so that Tour Bus Operators can be brought into compliance so that the disabled can go on bus vacations. (mind boggle)

And on this scary page our “big tax cut(s) for the wealthy” should go toward “Creating an Army of Patriots” whatever the HELL that’s supposed to mean.

Why are all Republicans goose-stepping right-wing, love-it-or-leave-it nutjobs? Why are all Democrats radical daydreamers who constantly tax and malign the independent and self-sufficient majority of Americans so that they can play Pygmalion to a few?

Voting for this Kerry yo-yo is going to suck. Especially for us “wealthy.”

Kim’s voting record: 1992 – Clinton; 1996 – Clinton; 2000 – Bush

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