July 5, 2004

July 5, 2004

My holiday…in pictures

When last I left you, I was stressed out about work and worshipping the power of cheese — er — Velveeta.

I decided to take last Friday off and create a wonderful 4-day weekend for myself. Here’s what happened.

Friday, Thor and I went to the Delaware Riverfront to see the Tall Ships that came to town this holiday weekend. It wasn’t until we hopped the train to Camden, got off one stop early and hoofed 7 blocks to the river that I realized I had left our ‘Tour the Tall Ships!’ armbands back in the car. I suck. Luckily, we were able to take photos. This is the Tenacious.

After crossing the Delaware river by ferry, we arrived at Penn’s Landing. Fifteen Mickey Mouse statues were on display to celebrate the Mouse’s 75th birthday. See the rest of the ships-n-Mickeys here.

Saturday was a bright, sunny day. Thor completed the first of his outdoor landscaping dreams — weeding and putting a new border around the gardens. It looks so much better now! Later, we went to see the movie “Dodgeball.” Jason Bateman is in that movie! He always rang my bell as a teen. Even at 35, he’s still a cutie. Maybe because I look at him through 31-year old eyes.

On the Fourth, we saw the Phillies defeat the Baltimore Orioles 5-2. Thanks to my job, we scored Diamond Club seating. A whole world of air conditioned lounges and cushioned seats that I didn’t know existed. Whenever my job starts to suck as it did a week ago today, I will remember the feeling of being in the same VIP elevator as Larry Christenson.

Which brings me to today, where I hung out, and baked 8 dozen “Firecracker” cupcakes for work tomorrow, to thank the Classified department for making their online revenue goals. My department will get some as well, naturally. 😉

I got the recipe via Clare’s Yummy Recipes site, which I found via LJC’s blog. Except I didn’t put additional strawberries in the cupcakes. And I’ll forgo the Pop Rocks. Don’t want to freak anyone out at work now.

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