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Loose ends

May 25, 2004

I forgot to mention that the loose ends from the move are being tied up one by one. All of our phone jacks now work. We bought a lawnmower and Thor did a valiant job this weekend. And the missing piece of our sectional arrived last week as well. It’s the only thing to sit on in the living room, but it’s decadent. I can stretch out on one end, Thor can stretch out on the other end, and we don’t even touch! It also has three recliners built in.

dark dog on light sofaThis is Max enjoying our new sectional sofa. He’s sitting there waiting for Thor to return from work, which should be any minute. Dig our paneling!

Day 1 of the SBD went reasonably well. I was raging hungry in the afternoon, but I ate a few mozzarella cheese sticks, and toughed it out. I was afraid once Thor left for work that I’d find the cookies. But I prevailed! Most of the recipes were very good. I had grilled salmon for dinner. The dessert (based on ricotta cheese) was pretty bad. It actually depressed me.

I didn’t go to the gym last night as planned, but what I AM doing is searching for a copy of Dance Dance Revolution<(and a mat) for our old PSOne. I tried this game at DisneyQuest a while back, and I love it. Unfortunately, I suck at it. So DDRing in public isn't really in my cards. Today is going to be hella-long. It’s my numbers day at work – I stack up my Tuesday ($$) and Wednesday ($$ and website hits) reports into one day. Afterward, I get to sit in on focus groups, where folks’ll be answering questions about something I really shouldn’t get into on my personal website. I should be home at 10ish. Leave the light on for me!

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