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DAoC and homes

January 25, 2004

I did two things today that I never thought I’d do:

1) I started playing Dark Age of Camelot (again). I rolled a Cleric named Gynnett. Pronounced “Gannett,” natch. Every other name I created was already taken, and if with the “y” in place of the “a” the name looks pretty Anglo. Anyhow, Gynnett’s level 8.

2) I uninstalled Movable Type. Yes, after all the brouhaha I made about getting it working, I scrapped it. Why? For starters, my blog is pretty simple. Right now, I don’t really want comments, I don’t like TrackBack, and I don’t need an RSS feed. And it was taking me a tremendous amount of time to tweak the styles of my site through the MT product. I scrapped it, went back to Blogger, and had my own styles up in a less than an hour.

As I was walking Max around in the cold, I found myself looking into the ground-floor apartments. Hey, if it’s dark out, and the lights are on inside, AND the privacy blinds are opened, anyone can see in.

Some apartments were beautifully furnished and decorated. The small amount of ground outside were decorated and treated as a real yard. These people must have accepted the fact that they are here for a while, and that they are going to make the space their own.

Other apartments were very Spartan. A few furnishings, no clutter or touches of home. Looking like the owners could — and would — vacate at a moment’s notice. These owners know that they’ll eventually have someplace else to go.

And you have us. To be frank, I’ve given up on this apartment a long time ago. I used to keep it nicely decorated.I was proud of it. It’s my first place. But I’ve grown tired of trying. Seven years is too long to be here. In the past few years, when we bought furniture, we bought furniture that we could take with us into a house. So we were shedding our apartment-friendly furniture for larger, house-ready items. Our computer desks are bigger. Our loveseat’s bigger. Our TV’s bigger. Our dining room set is huge. We even graduated from a full mattress to a queen. There is very little room to walk around, which irritates me.

So it’s with a hopeful heart that I look forward to spring. Although my lease isn’t up until August, I hope to start the summer in our own little home. Without having to share walls with other people. And with our own patch of green.

I’m ready.

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