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Last early morning shift!

January 9, 2004

Yeesh…where *did* yesterday go?

Good morning! And welcome to my last regularly-scheduled 5:30am – 2:00pm shift. I figured I’ll blog while my Hot Properties are generating.

Last night I passed out on the “Nap Chair” and stayed there until 4:30 this morning, when I woke up in a fright. I’m glad I woke up at 4:30 and not at 7:00. Max slept on the footrest and Charlie was at the head of the chair with his paws tangled in my hair.

Mood: Frickin’ thrilled that it’s Friday!
Work: I finished the “Win a DVD recorder with VCR Plus+! ” contest and launched it late Wednesday. Today I finish the contest that is to launch Sunday. I’m very pleased with how the page looks. Peter (our online salesguy) and I have a small presentation to do in front of the Retail ad reps this morning on selling the online Coupon Product. I brought my laptop in today to demonstrate! I also have Hot Properties to do (one ad converted, two to go)

Lunch: Run to the mall.

Afternoon: Run home, throw some clothes into a bag and head to the Greyhound terminal in Mount Laurel. Why? Because tonight…

Evening: …Thor and I are going to see Big Bad Voodoo Daddy perform at BB King’s club in Times Square, NYC! You know how much I love my swing music! (I wonder if I can bring my camera) We’re going to have a nice dinner, see the late show, and head back tomorrow morning…

Weekend: …because mom and I are going to see Oliver! tomorrow at the Academy of Music. Other than that, I plan to put away Christmas and clean the middle room, which needs it desperately.

(two ads converted, one to go)

Friday Five ain’t ready yet. Maybe I’ll do it at lunch.

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