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January 4, 2004

This, baby, is why I got a laptop. Snug betwixt my sheets, I can surf and read until my eyes droop. And tap out my great American novel. Dunno what it’s about yet, though.

Saturday, which ended 40 minutes ago, was very eventful indeed!

I started off my day with a trip to Target. Well, scratch that. First, I detoured myself to Coffee Works, an independent coffee shop very close to me, for a large chai latte. I had the entire store to myself, and paged through the free (and uber-liberal, yuck!) Philadelphia Weekly. It was very relaxing, and something I should do often. I’ve never minded sitting in a restaurant or movie theater alone.

Then off to Target for a container to hold my gift wrapping materials. What do my eye see the moment I enter the store? First rack on the left — bikinis. What better way to whip my derrierre into shape than by purchasing an itty bitty teeny weenie navy polka dot bikini? So I did just that. It’s darling. And Memorial Day weekend, I will be wearing it proudly.

(I also dropped money on a Hong Kong Phooey t-shirt, which negates the classiness of the swimsuit.)

Back home to clean the bathroom. I gave it such a scrubbing that the Swiffer glove pleaded to be put out of its misery. I even laundered the shower curtain and 3-pc carpet set, AND washed out the inside of the trash can.

At 2pm, Mom and I went to Atlantic City to experience the Borgata. Wow. It’s so much swankier than any of the other casinos in town. No million-dollar animatronic singing cats (Showboat) or worn looking animatronic hookers (Bally’s Wild Wild West) there. PLUS, the bathroom stall doors in the ladies’ room are actually full-length doors! DOORS! The paper towels are thick and neatly stacked in baskets along the sink. And the toilet paper’s quilted!

Only I get excited about casino bathrooms.

I only ended up losing 17 dollars. Mom ended up a few bucks. We ate at the “Metropolitan,” which is a cafe/diner type eatery. I had the crabcake sandwich. The bun had a “B” for “Borgata” charred into the top — too cute! For dessert, I had chocolate pudding, which was served layered with whipped cream and chocolate crumbs in a mason jar.

Played a little bit of Horizons this evening. Caelia, my elf-grrl, is going to be a Ranger. To do that, she has to be schooled in the scout and druid schools. She’s already level 10 in scouting (hunting with arrows, not selling cookies) so tonight I switched her to the druid school. She got level 5 in less than an hour. In Horizons, you can belong to a craft school as well as an adventure school. Caelia’s a level 11 jeweler, which is pretty lucrative.

My night ended prematurely when I realized that I mistakenly gave all of my money to a stranger. He asked for 500 copper to buy some gauntlets. I felt like being a good samaritan, since I’ve been making very good money from my jewelry sales. I don’t know what I did wrong, but I ended up mistakenly giving him 2 silver and 574 gold. D’oh! He was happy, and it’s just a game.

I’m moving into the end-stages of my cold. Thankfully, it’s not the flu. I’m too soon into the new job for that to happen.

Tomorrow I wash my comforter, and perhaps head to the mall with Thor to buy some clothing for us.

Enjoy your Sunday! 🙂

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