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a right good weekend

January 4, 2004

As weekends go, this was a right good one.

Today I rolled out of bed at TEN am! I’d not slept that late in ages, and it felt very good. I’m looking forward to my schedule moving to 8:30 – 5:00pm. It’ll be nice having an age-appropriate bedtime. I’ll be very well-slept. We just have to find an early-morning solution for the site. I hope this is my last early week.

We had some gift certificates to burn, so Thor and I decided to head to Cherry Hill Mall. Echelon Mall is 1/4 mile away, but Cherry Hill has more stores, and fewer vacancies. He wanted to eat somewhere different for lunch. I suggested Bahama Breeze, a new chain restaurant attached to the mall. Unfortunately, it didn’t open until 4:00 pm, so we ended up at Cherry Hill Bistro. That used to be the Woolworth’s lunchcounter years and years ago.

In short, I bought 2 blouses and a skirt at Ann Taylor and some unmentionables at Gap Body. One blouse is blue, and will go very well with the black-with-blue pinstripes skirt I bought in August. The other blouse is a bright orange, and the skirt is beige. That’ll be my Wednesday “O.C. Meeting” outfit. The blue will be tomorrow. Unless I change my mind totally. 😉

Tonight was pretty docile. I made spaghetti (with fresh basil, tomato, and garlic) and managed to launder the comforter.

I’m enjoying the laptop immensely, but have to figure out how to password-protect my wireless network.

Oh, and I got rid of the Christmas themeing on the site. I came up with a redesign idea that I like. The challenge now will be managing to get the real HTML site to look like my PhotoShop markup. And I want to use mostly stylesheets to do so. Tired of nesting tables.

Re: Britney Spears’ wedding; She’s definately not a girl, not yet a woman, and a total imbecile to boot. Marriage is nothing to joke about, Brit. Betcha Justin Timberlake’s thanking his lucky stars tonight. And here I was thinking he’d fade into nothing post-breakup. (I had to mention this topic…it’ll get me in more search engines!)

Sweet Dreams!

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