Friday Five

January 2, 2004

And now…the Friday Five! (live from my bed!)

What one thing are you looking most forward to…

1. …today?
Hrm…today’s almost done. I’d have to say setting up this sweet lil’ notebook pc that’s on my lap right now.

2. …over the next week?
Getting back into a healthy lifestyle. The holidays did me no good. It’ll feel good to get back to the gym.

3. …this year?
We are finally, FINALLY, FINALLY going to buy a house. A house of our own. With our own lawn, and a laundry room, and two toilets!

4. …over the next five years?
Having a baby. (Yes, family…it’s still something that I want)

5. …for the rest of your life
Travelling and seeing things I’ve never seen before.

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