Harder to blog in the mornings

December 4, 2003

It’s getting harder and harder to blog in the mornings…

Yes! I did go to yoga last night. Only 5 showed up, and after 3 weeks of NOT stretching, getting into pigeon pose was a challenge. Note: I cannot do this pose like the freak-show in the photo can. I can grab my back ankle, but by putting my arms straight back, not by reaching them over my head and doing a backbend.

Yes! I can still fit into my size 7-8 black pantsuit. Just got a compliment that I’m looking good. MAYBE I’ll get weighed tomorrow.

Yes! I’m going to decorate the department for Christmas today. I’m way behind, and my buddy in maintenance just offered me a tree!

Yes! CookieCam continues today at 3:30pm. Will make gingerbread cookies and decorate the Martha Stewart Sugar Cookies (which taste amazingly like my Mom’s recipe).

Mood: Amazingly mellow considering my little inner dramas that I’ve been entertaining.
Work docket: Did communities, women on the run (they only uploaded one story!), working on scrapbook. I have to do Wishbook before I get shot. Well, I won’t really get shot, but it’s late. There’s a conference call SOMETIME today about this Trend issue that I’ve been trying to duck.
Lunch: Healthy Choice Chicken Fettucine. Yeah. This will suck.
Afternoon plans: Walk Max. Then do CookieCam until dinnerish.
Evening: I really need to do laundry and clean the apartment.

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