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November 17, 2003 – evening

November 17, 2003

AstareiKim’s definition of unfair: Seeing women at the YMCA come out of a grueling hour-long aerobics class with not only their makeup still on, but their ponytails still sporting perky little flips. On a GOOD day, my hair bears a striking resemblance to Phyllis Diller. And that’s before gym. If I could only get my lazy @$$ out of bed an hour earlier, I could effectively STYLE my hair before work. Imagine that!

Speaking of my @$$, do you know how it hurts to see Britney Spears writhe and shimmy all over the TV whilst I puff away on the YMCA elliptical machine? (30 minutes, burned 287 calories, baby!) It sucks to be 31 years old and want to look like Britney Spears.

And speaking of a hawtie, the little vixen you see up there is Astarei, my level 7 White Mage in Final Fantasy XI. The game takes my breath away, but it’s not very soloable (for me as a mage at least) and that may be what causes me to cancel my sub. I still have until 12/7 to decide if it’s the game for me. Astarei has great hair.

A big ‘congratulations’ to my brother John (who’s almost 24 and available, ladies) for picking up his college cap and gown today. He’s graduating college on 1/30. The party starts on 1/31. John will be interviewing for jobs, and we’ll STILL be hung over. That’s how much we’re going to party. 😉

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