November 18, 2003 – morning

November 18, 2003

Wind will scatter any lightweight objects that you haven’t secured, so you end up chasing them down the street and looking silly. Wind can chill you to the bone, can ruin the nicest hairdo and can chap your lips. Wind can even blow you to the ground if it takes you by surprise.

But without wind, there would be no gorgeous waves on the ocean. Or sailboats for that matter. Wind helps to pollinate plants. Imagine the world without as many plants as it has now. Flags would droop sadly instead of snapping to attention.

The winds of change are blowing through my life right now. I’m going to grab my kite!

Mood: Pleasant. Still weird without the ex-boss around.
Work docket: Did the hand section update. One of my new ‘duties’ so to speak are the department’s weekly numbers. That’s done. (hopes to God that they’re correct) It’s much easier to do when nobody’s around to distract. Will finalize coupon product and resume Letters to the Editor scripting. Everytime I pick that back up, I get pulled off of it. I hope that won’t be the case now since we don’t have anyone to pull me off! Bwahaha…
Lunch: Going to Cherry Hill Mall to pick up the new Dave Matthews Band Central Park Concert CD. I want the DVD as well, but I’ll put that on my Wish list for Christmas. I also want to look for a nice red or purple suit. I don’t have enough nice, corporate-looking outfits.
Afternoon: Rousing walk with Max. Make hair appointment.
Evening: I can’t think of any plans offhand. Last night I read the entire MadPony site. While it was fun to read (and I’ve added it to my Favorites) I’m pretty sure there were other things I could have been doing.

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