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November 15, 2003

November 15, 2003

Yesterday was a very good day. My review was the best ever. Maybe it’s because the boss already had one foot out the door, but I’ll just keep on believing that they like me! They REALLY like me! Got a nifty raise too.

I had lunch with Erin (Taco bell at the CH mall). That’s becoming a weekly event, and I’m really excited to have a standing lunch appointment.

It was tough, though when I left for the day. I gave Boss a big hug and wished him luck and thanked him for hiring me 4 years ago. Then I ran out. I did cry, but not until the drive home so technically, I didn’t cry at work. No word, though, on who we’re reporting to in the interim. Hey, we’re like Monaco!

Dinner last night was a hoot. The girls — Mom, Aunt, Cousin, Cousin, and me — hung at the Olive for three hours! I had spaghetti and crab. And a Key Lime Martini. And Bailey’s and Coffee for dessert. They even had live music — a guy with a guitar. He did the usual pop/rock standards and then in the middle of his set, broke into Crush by Dave Matthews Band! Favorite. Song. Ever.

Now David’s at Karate. Our Lady of Lourdes (the hospital, not the Virgin Mother) called this morning. I’m hoping that they’re NOT trying to get him to work tonight, because I’ve only seen “Awake David” for maybe 2 hours tops this weekend and I’m in withdrawal.

So off I go to scrub the bathroom a bit, spray down the kitchen a bit, and start some laundry. I foresee trips to Target and Genuardi’s today to deal with mundane grownup stuff. I’d like to get some cookie recipes planned too.

Smile, and enjoy your Saturday!

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