November 6, 2003 – morning

November 6, 2003

Wt: 143.6. Yay! Must be all the fruit.
Mood: Anxious about impending work change…I have to put that away, though. No use angsting until January at the very least. Disappointed at weight backslide — a few months ago I was .6 from goal. Now I’m 10.6 from adjusted goal. What made it so easy last year but so hard now?
Work docket: Jackson section updated. Communities section tweaked. Online Mall corrected. Do millionaire updates. Continute self-evaluation. I hate those. Because, frankly, some days I suck at my job and others I’m a goddess. Goddesses have no need for improvement, and you always need to say you have improvement. Sucky workers get fired, and we know I’m not fire-worthy. By the way, my Looney Tunes contest banners are now running on Gannett top 40 paper websites. 🙂
Lunch/Afternoon/Evening: Unknown. See, today’s the New Jersey Teacher Convention at Atlantic City. Mom and I usually go during the afternoon. If that’s the case, I’ll skip lunch and leave at 1. But last I heard, she didn’t feel like going. So I’ll call her, but I want to wait until I know she’s awake. 🙂

Holy crap….cookiecam’s coming!!

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