November 5, 2003 – morning

November 5, 2003


I just don’t get it. I went to bed at 9:10 pm. Nine-ten! Slept until 4 am. That’s approximately 7 hours and I still feel sleepy.

I made it to the gym last night, and remembered to vote afterward. Didn’t matter squat though because out of the 10 candidates on the list, only 1 of the ones I voted for won. And thanks to the huge Democratic machine and apathy on the part of Camden County voters, Kelly Ripa’s DAD is now a freeholder.

Kelly. Ripa’s. DAD. Chew on that for a moment.

And for some reason, I smell chocolate bars. There is no chocolate around. This is troubling.

Max is doing as well as can be expected w/the crate training. We put him in the ‘hole’ when we can’t keep an eye on him — like when we go out or when we go to sleep. He complains for 10 or so minutes, then accepts his fate.

Now he’s starting to play a cute game when it gets dark. He’ll take his pillow from his crate (which is in the bedroom) and drag it into the living room. I replace pillow, he drags it out again. Repeat until I tire. Is this his way of unmaking his bed so he won’t have to get in it?

The hardest part is waking up and leaving him in the crate as I get ready for work. No reason to take him out, and then put him back in from when I leave until David returns.

The good part is that I haven’t found any ‘accidents’ in a long time.

Wt: Still 144. Patience, grasshopper.
Mood: Apprehensive. I think we’re going to be manager-less until at least January, in order to save payroll expenses. Meaning we’ll be doing the reports and crap ourselves, and not being paid for it, until they hire someone.
Work docket: Online mall (waiting for an ad now) and maybe, MAYBE recipe stuff. Wait — scratch that — we’ll probably be doing more end-of-month numbers.
Lunch: Lately, work crops up at 11:56 am — right when I’m getting ready to go to lunch. So I really haven’t had lunch the past two days. Today I’m making sure I go out. I have $16.00 on a Waldenbooks gift card that’s burning a hole in my purse. Plus I think I’ll pick up Finding Nemo.
Afternoon: Rousing walk with Max, as is routine. Clean kitchen.
Evening: Yoga at 7:30, if I can stay awake for it.

This chocolate scent is driving me insane.

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