November 4, 2003 – morning

November 4, 2003

Late blog….

We had no sports stories uploaded to the site this morning, so I get to send a nasty-gram email to the guilty parties, plus their boss. I hate doing that with a passion, but after 5 years of having a website, you’d think uploading stories would be as second-nature as reporters checking spellings of names in stories…wait….bad example. 😉

Today’s election day. If you live in Camden County, NJ, go to the polls and vote against the incumbent freeloaders — I mean freeHOLDERS — that we have in office. They are as corrupt as the day is long. People die for the right to vote. Literally. So go embrace that right that you’re fortunate enough to have.

Wt: Still 144. Now that all chocolate has been purged from my house, that number will go down.
Mood: Apprehensive about work
Work docket: Updated Hand section, the Jackson section, did the “Vote Today!” promo for the home page, built the sports section by hand. Today Damon and I will be working the monthly numbers. Joy.
Lunch: Healthy Choice Teryiaki Chicken
Afternoon: Rousing walk with Max, then off to the gym!
Evening: Seems to be another quiet evening. What I *should* do is test out my webcam setup for CookieCam 2003.

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