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October 10, 2003 – afternoon

October 10, 2003

Misty update:

Misty doesn’t have a cold…she is suffering from a scratch to the eye. Well, not the eye, but the conjunctiva, which I have learned is the tissue surrounding your eye. Mine is pink. Misty’s is slimy grayish, I recall.

Prime suspect: Six year old Charles Archibald Turberville, of the same residence. Motive unknown.

The vet gave her a steroid shot to reduce swelling (kaching!) and a prescription for some antibiotic cream (kaching!) that we’ll have to apply to her eye THREE TIMES A DAY!!

So when you see the gashes all over my hands for the next week, you’ll know that I’m not trying to kill myself.


I have a super-strong suspicion that my boss is interviewing for a position at a much larger paper a great distance away. This will leave our department leader-less.

Why you looking at me?

Ohhhhhh….you think I’m next in line? Welp, don’t count on it. I’m not qualified to be a Gannett Online Director. I think I’d have to do time at an even smaller paper, which I’m not willing to do. What I think will happen it that we won’t get another Director. We’ll instead be folded into another department (we were originally Marketing) and be given a manager instead.

Why you looking at me?


David’s Lunch:
He has thrown his heart and cholesterol level on the line to sample Papa John’s newest pizza — BBQ Chicken and Bacon pizza. He has deemed it satisfactory and had to force himself to eat half of it. I’ll let you know my impressions when I return home for lunch.

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