October 13, 2003 – morning

October 13, 2003

Ugh. Another Monday. the closer I get to vacation (five days!), the more I need them. These 5 days will be interminable. Let’s give you my weekend at a glance.

BBQ Pizza: Very tasty initially, but disgusting once you think of what you just ate.
Misty: Eye swelling down considerably.
Max: Has learned the “down” command, and now can jump the baby gate. Joy.
Charlie: Hiding from Max again.
Ocean City: Rainy and chilly. The craft show wasn’t as good as Haddonfield’s, but we had a great time at the shore house just lazing about and eating.
Hopeslayer quest: slept through it. D’oh!
Dinner at Damon’s: Much fun! Dinner featured great Chicken Caesar Salad (w/apples!) and steamed artichokes with garlic butter dipping sauce. Chocolate Chip cookies for dessert. They have a loft master bedroom….drool. I can’t wait until we get a house now so that I can invite people over!

Which brings us to today:

Mood: Middling
Work docket: Did Ingle column. Maybe I’ll have the day to work on my Letters to the Editor script. Imagine!
Lunch: Saladworks.
Afternoon: Walk Max. Run to Target for new rawhide bones, treats, leash and harness for Max. (Max ate through his old harness…and he doesn’t like the collar.)
Evening: Blissfully, nothing. I plan on sitting at home in my comfy duds.

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