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October 14, 2003 – morning

October 14, 2003

Good morning! Four days until I again fling myself upon the sandy beaches of Disney’s Polynesian Resort and beg Mickey Mouse to re-infuse me with much needed Pixie Dust. Today I will fax out the room request. Tahiti building (which guarantees us a Castle view); ground floor (which lets me run right out the sliding door to the beach like a certified nut).

I’m coming, Mickey…keep that Florida sun shining!

Yesterday went as planned, surprisingly. What’s up for today?

Wt: I give up weighing until after vacation. I will get to 133 by the end of the year. I’m now considering amputation. How much do ribs weigh?
Mood: Pleasant
Work docket: Opinion didn’t post any stories. Nor could I find the stories they planned to post. (sometimes they hide them in folders I don’t have permission to enter) So I ended up TYPING one straight from the paper. Oh well. Will craft appropriate flame mail this morning. I’m working on banners for a movie contest promotion right now. Boss will be back from his ‘business trip’ so I’m sure he’ll want to know everything we did. Oh yeah…there’s a Voter Guide due out tomorrow. Do I have info for it yet? Nope. Did I email them about it last week? Yep. Did I copy my own boss on the email to cover myself when it doesn’t go up on time? You bet! Smarter than the average blonde!
Lunch: Going to mall to get more Disney Dollars, pick up our Lion King DVD and grab a salad. Or a Mexican pizza if I feel especially naughty.
Afternoon: Dash home, walk Max, head to YMCA, take shower…run to Mom’s and pick John up for…
Dinner at Dad’s house. We’ll get to visit with PopPop, who’s up from Florida for a spell.
Evening: I hope to be home at 8:30 so I can be in bed by nine-ish.

And so will go my day. 🙂

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