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February 26 2003 – morning

February 26, 2003

Late blog whilst I wait for an ad…

Wt: Didn’t weigh.
Mood: Apathetic
Work docket: Already did online mall. Have End of Month Values (blech), a 10:00 am conference call, various bug-squashing re: the new redesign
Lunch plans: LC Grilled Chicken
Afternoon: Update kimberussell.com
Evening: I restarted yoga! My first class is at 7:30 tonight. It’ll be nice to do that again. I missed it. Mom has her class at Rowan on Wednesday nights so she won’t join me until summer, I guess.

David and I ate at Goodfellas for lunch yesterday. It was like we stepped into the Sopranos. The greeter/host was a middle aged gent in a VERY dapper suit. All the guys kept saying, “How YOU doin’?” Old Italian guys were eating there, talkin’ Italian. Dean Martin and Perry Como music. We were waiting for someone to get wacked. Besides the — interesting — atmosphere, I enjoyed a nice meatball (meat-a-ball) sandwich with a thick roll, mozzarella (matza-rell) cheese and really good spaghetti sauce (gravy.) We’ll definately go back. We’re afraid not to.

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