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February 26 2003 – evening

February 26, 2003

Well well well. I never did finish End of Month Values today. The conference call ran long, and to my shock (after attending meetings since October) it’s finally MY turn to do something. That, dear Reader, means I have to start work on the customer service page that I recently stopped working on. The work is just piling up around me now. Now would be a fab-u time to be given about $500,000.

I was starving when I came home so I downed 5 clementines and just as many prunes. Yeah. Exactly. My desire for ANY kind of food is now gone.

I have an hour until yoga class. I can either update LadyGypsy.net OR take Dierdre the Pain out to specialize War magic. Let’s go kill stuff now. I’ll be artsy after yoga.

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