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February 26 2003 – evening

February 26, 2003

Well, Dierdre the Pain is now specialized in Mana conversion and War Magic. Which means nothing to you, I know, but it’s taken me over two months to achieve this. Five more skill credits until I get lockpick back. 🙂

Yoga was wonderful, although difficult to get back into. But for only $27 (we’re full members) it’s a great deal. I struggled a bit with some of the poses. Maybe next week I’ll remember to breathe. Ya gotta breathe, you know.

I’m going to try to get to work early tomorrow (I know…I already start at 5:30) because there’s just so much on my plate. So due to that, I’ll update tomorrow with the blizzard pictures. Speaking of, it’s supposed to snow again. Ask me how thrilled I am.

I just went through some of my digital camera memory cards and found a bunch of pictures I took at MomMom’s house after she died. Mom, Aunt Dee and Sue have cleaned out most of the house already. They’re stronger than I am…I could only bear to go there twice. But these photos I took were of every room but the living room. I look at the photos and to me they’re almost perfect. Except for one thing. Nobody’s in them. So now I want to go through all my old photos and look for pictures of those very same rooms from years ago, with us in them.

I always say that I’d never want to go back to being a kid again. But after looking at some of the photos, I’d give my worldly possessions to be sitting on the bench in her kitchen, drinking a Mountain Dew out of a glass bottle. Peeling the label off of the bottle and trying to keep it as one really long spiral-y strip. Eating Tastykakes and Entenmann’s cake and homemades (homemade pasta) and listening to her talk.

(sad smile) Well, I guess I’m not ready to deal with those pictures after all. I’ll just copy them to my hard drive for the time being.

Spring will be better.

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