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February 25 2003 – morning

February 25, 2003

Hey…come see the redesign of South Jersey’s Website! Mega-props to Damon for a job well done. 🙂

I did go to the Y last night, but all the treadmills were taken. My first thought was, “Yay! I can go home!” but on second thought, I decided to hit the exercise cycle. Yeesh. Yeah, it is easier to do, but that means in the same amount of time, you go a longer distance. I watched Jeopardy on the overhead TV while I cycled for 30 minutes. WTF is up with the Jeopardy Clue Crew? Is that their effort to be hip? Please. If you watch and love Jeopardy, you already KNOW you’re not hip.

And speaking of hips…

Wt: 140.8. I feel like I got away with something. All that munching and I held my weight. Sweet!
Mood: Anxious. Much to do.
Work docket: Static, static contest (being promo’d today…was informed of it via email at 5 pm yesterday…online is SUCH an afterthought), online shopper, tweak redesign..customize pages. Search and replace, etc etc
Lunch plans: Lean Cuisine Chicken Something.
Afternoon/evening: unknown.

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