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February 24 2003 – evening

February 24, 2003

I skipped lunch. The Online Job fair took up most of my day. Lank archive was done for me…and I archived the Keeping the Faith story. (whew!) Tomorrow I think they’re going forward w/the redesign of CourierPostOnline.com. I’m not sure whether I have to be scared or excited.

Boy I was on a roll when I got home. I cleaned the kitchen up and started some laundry. Ate my LC grilled chicken AND an entire sleeve of Chips Ahoy. (wince) At 6:30 I will go to the gym. I swear I will. I have to, because I have to sign up for the Wednesday night Yoga class again. I missed it.

Ah…Grand Theft Auto 3. Where do I begin? It’s the most evil, corrupt, morally bankrupt game I’ve encountered. Yet, it’s wildly fun. Carjacking a Hummer and driving it down the SIDEWALK for three blocks while running over everybody in your path is very cathartic. You don’t have to do the missions, but if you do, they usually consist of killing somebody or shuttling hookers around. Fear me.

Hey! It’s after 6 pm and it’s not totally dark yet. C’mon spring…I’m waiting for you..

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