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February 24, 2003 – morning

February 24, 2003

Happy Monday!

Mood: Overwhelmed. I have lots to do today.

Work docket: Did the Ingle column. Must do Hot Jobs (waiting for some ads now), Online Job Fair when I find out what companies bought into it (am getting tired of Online Job Fairs), Lank archive, Faith archive and Online Law Directory. We’re also launching a redesign tomorrow. Allegedly. I think it’ll be postponed.

Lunch Plans: Lean Cuisine Grilled Chicken.

Afternoon: YMCA!

Evening: Clean kitchen from yesterday. Play Grand Theft Auto III.

What I did this weekend: Friday night we did nothing. Saturday afternoon Mom and I went to the Wings game (Wings defeated the NJ Storm 14-12) and that night the four of us went to Champps for Mom’s b-day dinner take two. Yesterday David and I went bowling in the morning. He handed me my @$$. He bowled his highest game ever — a 213 — and the second game was 197. Oh, dear Readers…do you know that 13 years ago I was a varsity bowler? My performances were less than stellar. I need more practice. Last night was the No Way Out WWE PPV, heralding the return of Stone Cold Steve Austin, alleged wife-beater. Does it make me less of a woman to still enjoy watching him?

Huzzah to Norah Jones. She won EIGHT grammies last night, proving that you don’t have to dress like a whore, yodel like a gospel singer or write songs about sweaty sex to be recognized. (Nothing against sweaty sex mind you.) John Mayer won too. Both are younger than me. (sigh)

OK. My ads are done, so back to the grind. I’ll write at lunch about Grand Theft Auto III.

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