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February 21, 2003 – morning

February 21, 2003

(sitting casually, sipping lowfat chocolate milk — because it’s lowfat chocolate milk Friday!)

Mood: Achy. I fell outside the apartment today. Slipped on ice. On my knee. My bad knee. I’m ok now, but I have to wonder if this will be ‘the fall’ that will be the cause of all my future problems. It’s minor. But doesn’t every older person have a ‘fall’ that left lingering aftereffects?

Work docket: Yeesh. Everything I touch today I mess up somehow. For 45 seconds today, I overwrote the CPO.com homepage with another section’s index page. If that doesn’t get your heart racing, nothing will. Did Entertainment, doing Hot Properties. Will do a special “Degas” section for Living — that should be fun. Today’s the last day without Damon here. He comes back from vacation on Monday. Only 69 days an 7 hours until *I* leave for my next vacation.

Lunch Plans: Brought HC chicken and something, but I really want a salad instead.

Afternoon/Evening: I think I’ve seen David maybe 10 minutes total this workweek. Here’s a novel idea, maybe we’ll DO something!

Weekend: Saturday afternoon: Wings game @ 1pm. Saturday evening: Mom’s birthday dinner, take 2. Sunday: PPV at night.Stone Cold Steve Austin comes back!

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