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February 13, 2003 – morning

February 13, 2003

Do stale Krimpets have fewer calories than fresh ones?

Happy Birthday Mom!

Wt: 140.4 — holding steady
Mood: Cold!!
Work docket: Did communities. Doing scrapbook. Then customer service stuff.
Lunch plans: Subway sandwich
Afternoon plans: Take nap so I can be awake for….
Evening plans: Mom wants to go out to dinner. Unfortunately, John is in classes late and doesn’t get home until around 8 pm. So I’ll be sleeping this afternoon so I’ll be awake this evening. Dear Reader, two things could result from this:
1) the nap will do nothing but make me more tired and sleepy tonight
2) the nap will reinvigorate me to the point where I will be UP all night and wasted tomorrow.

I saw Venus again this morning. 🙂

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