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February 10, 2003 – morning

February 10, 2003

So much to blog about, so very little time until my ads are converted…

T’was a busy weekend to say the least. On Saturday, Mom and I went and did a bit of shopping at Rack Room Shoes and Target. (plus lunch at Panera). I bought two pair of shoes — a trashy pair of denim high heeled mules and a pair of black “faux-suede” boots identical to my brown ones. They look soo chic that I had to build an outfit around them today! Saturday night was the wings game — the Wings lost 12-9 to Rochester. Hmmm…methinks that this isn’t going to be a standout season for my Wings. 🙁

Yesterday Mom had dinner for the family. Aunt Carrie didn’t come because she hurt her arm, but Mary and Stal came, along with Sue and Jenna, Aunt Dee, and Tricia’s family. Mom made homemade lasagna…wow…it was a nice Eye-talian dinner. I think I’ll be grazing on salads and Healthy Choice for the week to make up for it.

And last night I got Dierdre the Pain up to 57th level. She’s getting a bit tired of Ayan Baqur (though the loot’s fantastic) so I think I’ll send her to the Marae Lassel Plateau for a while to hunt Olthoi Nobles and Virindi.

Which brings us to today.

Venus was obscured by clouds this morning. I’ve been seeing the bright planet every morning for months now, and I guess I’ve been taking it forgranted. So when I don’t see it, it becomes an event. Venus is probably the link that all early-morning workers share. By the time the rest of the world heads to work, I think it’s obscured by sunlight.

Mood: Mellow
Work Docket: Did Ingle column. Will do Hot Jobs (waiting for ads now), Education “Online” Job Fair (waiting for list of participants — I’ll probably have to nag to get it. Do you know how hard it is to nag people to give you more work? Where’s the incentive there?), and work on Customer Service stuff.
Afternoon Plans: There is no question — I must go to the gym. I ate FAR too much this weekend. It was back to old-school Kim-style eating. I wonder if it’s the snow that makes me so hungry?
Evening Plans: Do weekly update to (which gets neglected now that I blog) and MAYBE, MAYBE go out to get some Valentine’s ideas.

BTW…I bought heart-shaped cookie cutters for V-Day. I’m thinking of baking cookies. Offline. 🙂

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