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February 10, 2003 – early evening

February 10, 2003

Back from a successful gym trip. (1.51 miles fast-walked, 10 assisted chin ups, 10 assisted dips, 36 crunches) And I really don’t hurt which makes me believe that either:

1) I’m in decent shape
2) I’m not working hard enough.

I just had a romp with Mickey in the snow…well, I attempted to get him to romp, but he just wanted to do his business and get back inside. The snow today is melting as soon as it hits the ground, but with the blanket of white on the ground already, it looks beautiful.

I set up a secure frameset for our impending spiffed-up, modernized customer service section. It’s a bit tricky because you don’t want to call to an image or a script that’s outside the secured folders because if you do, you’ll get the pesky “some of these elements aren’t secure” dialog box, and if you continue on, you won’t get the little lock icon in the browser window that PROVES that it’s secure.

(And yet, people will think nothing of handing their credit card over to a waiter or waitress who disappears with it for 5 minutes, at minimum. *boggle*)

I’m pretty pooped, so I’m going to ix-nay the Valentine’s Day shopping tonight. A nice hot shower sounds just divine though.

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