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February 7, 2003 – morning

February 7, 2003

The white badge of courage

Despite the 6 inches of snow on the ground (and still falling)…here at South Jersey’s BEST newspaper, there is a certain smugness associated with getting into work, despite the dangerous and unplowed roads outside. So much so that people will actually try to get here EARLIER than usual start-time so they can gloat about how they’re so dedicated. And claim the roads aren’t bad. There’s an unspoken snarkiness toward those who don’t come in on days like this. Even though they don’t get paid, or have to take a sick or vacation day, they are, for the day, a lesser type of worker. Except if you have kids you have to stay home with — that’s the golden “get out of work free” card.

I eventually made it in at 6:15 — forty-five minutes late. NO job is worth risking a car accident. Maybe that’s my ‘slacker Gen-X’ attitude shining through.

Mood: Wishing grownups had snow days…wishing for spring….
Work docket: Did entertainment, will do hot properties (waiting for files now), mortgage marketplace, and attend a 10:00 am meeting.
Lunch plans: Brought some Minestrone in from last night. Tim brought me a cinnmon bun, a bagel w/cream cheese AND a hot cocoa this morning. All hope for healthy eating gone. 😉
Afternoon: Dollars to donuts that the YMCA will be closed. Alas, THERE is my snowday!
Evening: Unknown — I’ll probably stay in and cocoon.
Weekend: Wings Game on Saturday night, Dinner at Mom’s on Sunday — she’s hosting Aunt Carrie, Mary and Stal. Aunt Carrie is MomMom’s older sister — I miss MomMom so much. :~(

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